Halloween and Sweets πŸŽƒ

-October 27, 2017-

Hello! So… it’s almost that time of the year when children knock on people’s doors for candies/chocolates and adults head out to a costume party (or just watch Netflix at home and give out goodies to kids like me 🀣).

With Halloween soon approaching, I’ve noticed that many cafΓ©s are starting to sell their Halloween-themed desserts! One place that I went to recently had spider-web mousse cake!

This place is called The Oasis CafΓ©. They sell a variety of pastries but is most well-known for their cannolis, cheese cakes, and mousse desserts.

The black & white mousse is one of my favorites. It’s so creamy and it just melts in your mouth as soon as you put it in your mouth 😍. Because the bottom part of the mousse combined both milk and dark chocolates, the slight bitterness in taste goes in perfect harmony with the sweet vanilla white chocolate on top. I usually don’t like the hard chocolates placed as deco on mousse because they disturb the creamy texture but even the chocolate stick on this one is so creamy that it just dissolves in your mouth!

The Sokofreta cake is another all-time classic dessert menu at The Oasis CafΓ©. Sokofreta is a milk chocolate wafer that is one of Greece’s most popular confections. For those of you who never tried Sokofreta, it tastes somewhat similar to Australia’s Tim Tam (I’m assuming more people are familiar with these?) Bottomline, they taste amazing and if you’re a chocolate lover like me, this is a must-have when you go here. The Sokofreta cake has 5 layers-thin hard chocolate top, roasted marshmellows, chocolate cake, soft caramel candies, and last but not least, Sokofreta. When you add good and good, you get amazing and this cake proves that very equation. The downside of the cake though, is that you can get very messy while eating it and the caramel sticks to your teeth sometimes (I recommend that you get something else if you’re on your first date with someone πŸ˜…). Nevertheless, this dessert is still on my top 5 list at The Oasis CafΓ©. 

They also have many assorted cookies, chocolates, and baked goods. If you tell the workers that you want to eat the breads on the spot, they toast them for you at your request and serve them to your table. Besides desserts, they also have sandwiches, which are very filling and savory β™‘α΄—β™‘ .

Every Halloween, the place hosts a Halloween party (the admission is $15)! Yesterday, I saw a man dressed as a minion and the friend next to him dressed as a Barbie doll πŸ™„. I personally didn’t participate in the costume contest but if you’re all about dressing up and wearing fancy, unique costumes, definitely check out the place on next Halloween! πŸŽƒ

⊳⊳⊳⊳⊳The Oasis Café⊲⊲⊲⊲⊲

Where to find:

196-30 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY 11358

When to go:

  • Monday-Saturday 7:30 AM-1AM
  • Sunday 7:30 AM – 12 AM

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