GNO in NYC 🌃

-October 31, 2017-

This past Saturday night, I went to Loreley Beer Garden in Bowery, New York. It was close to Halloween so I decided to spend the night with some of my girlfriends.

The line for a table wasn’t super long as I expected, which was surprising because they were holding a Halloween party that night.

My friends and I went for the pumpkin keg beers that they were selling for a limited time but sadly, once we arrived, everything was already sold out 😢.

So instead, we decided to get a pitcher of my German favorite-Radeberger Pilsner.

First and foremost, I really loved the foam. It was very creamy and it lingered in my mouth. The beer was very crisp and slightly bitter, but had a sweet aftertaste, which made me keep drinking 🍺.

href=””> Currywurst with French Fries, $13[/
href=””> Würstchen with Potato Salad, $10[/
href=””> Sautéed Brussel Sprouts, $7[/

Loreley is famous for their sausages so I ordered two of their sausage dishes to complement my beer. The ones that I got were Currywurst with French Fries and Würstchen with Potato Salad. For the side, I ordered some sautéed brussel sprouts with bacon bits 🥓.


The sausage was amazing as expected. It was very thick and juicy and the currywurst sauce blended in so well with the sausage. The currywurst tasted very mild but that was good because the sausage was on the saltier side. I felt like the ketchup and curry were really well-balanced for the sauce. It was so good that I dipped my fries in the currywurst sauce and didn’t even touch the separate ketchup that they gave me.

I have to admit though, the fries were bit of a disappointment. They were neither crispy nor hot. Perhaps the chef was real busy that night because many people came in for the pumpkin kegs but regardless, I had to give them a 4/5 because a perfect score means serving the customer a perfect dish no matter how hectic the kitchen is.


Ehh. Definitely not worth $10 out of your pocket. The sausage just tasted like the average sausage you would find in your typical hot dog and the potato salad was very sour.

I had a hot dog for lunch at Five Guys that day and I honestly thought that was much better. The presentation wasn’t of good quality either. But hey, you’re in for dinner at NYC (most likely, you won’t find cheap dinner where they serve you alcoholic beverages).

The brussel sprouts that my friends and I got however, was very delicious. I love brussel sprouts and I love bacon so having the two together in one dish was obviously going to win my heart. The saltiness of the bacon pieces did a fantastic job at saving the side dish from possibly tasting too bland.

After finishing the pitcher, we went to Sweet&Vicious, a bar located a short distance away from Loreley.

href=””> Guava & Peach Frozen Margarita, $12[/c

My friend and I were feeling fruity drinks after the radeberger so we ordered frozen margaritas (guava for me and peach for her 🍑). These were so good. Before you drink however, mix the drink very well! I didn’t, so for the first few sips, I was only drinking the guava syrup… The margarita is really sweet so you end up drinking it like it’s juice. But be careful! You feel intoxicated all of a sudden without a gradual sign.

I really loved the overall atmosphere of this place. It was more of a quiet bar where people came in for a drink and chat. Or perhaps, it was only 9:30PM when we got there and it was too early for people to get crazy.

For Round 3, my girls and I went to 212 Hisae’s, a Japanese bar on 9th St., New York. There, we ordered shots of lemon drops, raspberry drops, and buttery nipples (my favorite because I like butterscotch).

We went all the way to Round 6 this night but unfortunately, I could not take photos because I was having way too much fun to think about photos 😝.

Well, today is the actual Halloween! What are some of your plans for the night? 👻

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