Cold Weather Means Ramen 🍜

It’s getting very chilly here in New York and I think I’ve caught the flu. Common symptoms that I have when I catch the flu are: headache, cough, fatigue, and muscle aches. When I feel like these symptoms are getting worse and worse, there is only one thing that can make me feel better and that is ramen. I am not even kidding. Usually, people would say “tea” or “soup” but for me, it’s ramen.

This past Saturday, I was desperately craving some good Japanese ramen as my flu symptoms were really drowning me down. So my boyfriend took me to Suzume , a Japanese fusion restaurant located in Brooklyn, New York. If you live in any of the five boroughs of New York or are simply visiting Brooklyn, definitely stop by this restaurant! They have a variety of dishes including wings, tacos, rice bowls, sushi, and ramen. It’s not that common to find restaurants that serve both sushi and ramen all at once so if you usually crave both like I do, register this place on your “to go” list!

YaoYao Ramen, $13

I got the YaoYao Ramen, which I would have to say is Suzume‘s most classic ramen. It is made out of tonkatsu broth so the soup is very savory and rich. Toppings for the YaoYao Ramen include pork shoulder meat, wood ear mushrooms, scallions, and pak choy. The oil from the pork meat adds onto the richness of the soup while the chili oil lessens the greasiness of the soup. I loved every bite of this dish because the crisp texture of the ramen noodles is just perfect with the tender pork meat. Before trying this dish, I had no idea that pork shoulders were that soft! The pak choy and the wood ear mushrooms also have nice crunchiness in them that enriches the experience of every bite. For me, the texture of the food is as equally important as the taste of the food.

The Ora King Salmon Ramen is also another recommended dish! It’s pretty much the same thing as YaoYao Ramen but with grilled salmon as the main topping instead of pork shoulder. I understand if you think this is weird. When I first heard the description of the menu, I thought, “Grilled salmon? In a soup?” But trust me. It was one of the best ramen that I’ve ever had. Once again, the tenderness of the salmon flesh goes perfect with the crisp texture of the noodle. Whoever prefers seafood over meat would probably enjoy this more than the YaoYao because the broth is also more seafood based than meat based. 

Hawaiian Fried Chicken Rice Bowl, $13

My boyfriend was feeling rice more than noodles so we also decided to get the Hawaiian Fried Chicken Rice Bowl. This was my first time trying a rice dish at Suzume because they’re mostly known for their ramens. 

The rice bowl did not meet up to my expectations though. I think it’s because the ramens left such a good impression on me that I had such a high expectation for the rice bowl too. 

I didn’t know how to feel about this dish. It didn’t have a defined taste. I wouldn’t say it was bad… just unique and interesting? Something that I’ve never tasted before. First of all, the bowl consisted of chicken katsu, macaroni salad, mixed salad, and rice. The poached egg was added for $2 extra charge. None of the ingredients seemed to blend in with each other; they all played separately. My boyfriend described the dish as “a result of a creative food experimentation.” 😂 I completely agreed. The dressing of the mixed salad, the mayonnaise of the macaroni salad, and the tonkatsu sauce drizzed on the chicken katsu all came together to create a taste that was beyond comprehensible. It honestly would’ve been better to eat the salad, macaroni, and chicken katsu as side dishes with the rice, rather than as a bowl. 

Hawaiian Fried Chicken Rice Bowl (Left) and YaoYao Ramen (Right)

This is the bar section of the restaurant and also my favorite part about the restaurant. I usually don’t like to sit at the bar tables because I like to face the person I am eating with but Suzume is the only place where I’d specifically asked to be seated at the bar. The ceiling lights above the bar section create a romantic mood and the mirrors behind the wine shelves allows you to take a nice selfie 😝. The nicely arranged whiskey and wine bottles are also pleasing to look at! 

If you go and you’re over 21, I recommend trying their ami tai and yuzu yuzu. Both are cocktail drinks and I love them. Ami tai is infused with coconut water so it’s very refreshing and the gosling rum along with the pineapple juice sweetens the taste. Yuzu yuzu is a sake based drink with tito’s vodka, dolin blanc, and cucumber. This one too, is very refreshing. Despite the vodka shot, it’s not that strong. Also, if anyone is on a gluten free diet, you’re still okay with yuzu yuzu! Tito’s vodka is a gluten-free alcoholic drink 😀. 

Suzume ★★★★☆

  • 545 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

  1. Monday-Friday 6PM-12AM
  2. Saturday 12PM-12AM
  3. Sunday 12PM-11PM

Side note: I am still coughing but no longer have muscle pains or a headache and I don’t doubt that this is because of ramen. Yay ramen!!! 😆

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