I know it’s well past Thanksgiving but now that school is over and I have plenty of time to write blog posts and not my school papers, I thought that I’d share about my trip to Boston this past Thanksgiving.

Boston is a very beautiful city with a lot of modern architecture in a small radius. The city is a blend of loud and quiet and of hectic and calm. It’s not too overwhelming like New York City, yet it holds many places to see and explore, which really gets me to appreciate Boston.

One thing is for sure though. On Thanksgiving, Boston is DEAD. Joe and I genuinely enjoyed the time together spending Thanksgiving together in our hotel room but we did agree that next year, we should celebrate with the whole family cutting turkey, stuffing stuffing in our mouths, and eating our moms’ home-baked delicacies.

He and I stayed at Boston Commonwealth, which is located at the heart of Boston, near Fenway Park Kenmore Square.

Even then, on Thanksgiving, there was not a single store or restaurant open nearby. We were greatly disappointed because we were anticipating to eat a nice dinner in Boston to celebrate our Thanksgiving together. But we both admitted that it was our fault for not thinking about how it’s a national holiday and all the workers would probably be celebrating Thanksgiving with their families also.

The only stores open were franchise restaurants or fast food places like Popeyes, Subways, and UNO’s (ironically, Boston Market was closed on Thanksgiving in Boston…). From all the options available to us, we concurred that UNO’s was the best in terms of atmosphere so for our Thanksgiving meal, we had UNO’s.

Surprisingly, we weren’t the only customers there! Many more people I’m guessing, decide to eat pizza for Thanksgiving rather than Turkey.

For appetizer, we ordered some garlic bites. I thought they were okay but Joe thought they were amazing. I never saw him compliment his appetizer more than his main dish haha. The garlic flavor wasn’t that strong like the typical garlic knots and the texture was very chewy. I personally thought that it could’ve been better if the garlic flavor was stronger because I was able to taste so much dough that if it wasn’t for the marinara sauce that they provided on the side, the appetizer would’ve been too bland. In addition to the marinara sauce, the garlic bites also came out with Sam Adams cheddar sauce. Once again, I wasn’t so fond of the taste of beer in my dipping sauce and would’ve liked a simple nacho cheese on the side instead but Joe was very satisfied so it’s really all about personal preference.

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For our main dishes, I ordered the Shrimp Scampi pasta and Joe ordered his usual Sirloin Steak with grilled shrimp and french fries and whole grain brown rice on the side. I didn’t really expect much of the pasta because I thought UNO’s was just known for their deep dish pizzas and also because the appetizer was not so great BUT… I’m not going to lie. UNO’s really did a nice job with their shrimp scampi pasta. I was quite impressed. The linguine was cooked perfectly and the butter and olive oil were added to just the right amount so that the pasta was creamy but not too greasy. All the ingredients-especially the shrimp-were so fresh, albeit I’m not sure if they use raw shrimps or cocktail shrimps for the dish.

After dinner, we strolled around the neighborhood for a bit because the Christmas decorations in the streets were too pretty, then went back to our hotel room and spent the rest of the Thanksgiving night watching TV and talking. Although we both missed our families and could not celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving the traditional way eating turkey and baking pumpkin pie, it was a precious moment together.

I don’t think Thanksgivings or any holidays in general, have to be celebrated big and crazy all the time. Of course, I love getting festive and mingling with a lot of people but whatever food you eat and however many people you’re with, I think that in the end, all that matters is your heart (I know this sounds cheesy but it’s so true!). Being far away from my family and friends in New York, I was actually able to realize how much of a blessing they are in my life. And being alone in Boston with Joe, I learned that I can rely on him so much and that I really love and appreciate his existence in my life. Sometimes, I think when I prepare to have guests over my house and have a big celebration, I end up forgetting about the initial purpose and meaning of Thanksgiving because I get so absorbed in having to get this done and that done. And in the process, there are times when I end up complaining about having to do so many things when Thanksgiving is all about being thankful. So despite the fact that I didn’t get to eat fancy food and go to my friends’ parties back in New York, I truly appreciated that night in Boston with Joe because it allowed me to reflect back on all the things that I’ve taken for granted and take the time to be thankful for each every one and thing that I have in my life.

I know this is too late to ask but how did some of you guys celebrate Thanksgiving this year? What are some of the things you are thankful about? And what is your favorite’s Thanksgiving dish?

Share below and also, hope you live each day as if it’s Thanksgiving! If you think about it, there’s always at least one thing to be thankful for every day.

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