With Cheese, Everything Is Better.

I firmly believe that cheese makes almost everything taste better; so for the past couple of months, I’ve been on a quest to find the cheesiest food throughout the east coast. 

Here are five of the cheesiest dishes that I’ve had while travelling in the east coast:

1. Kimchi Fries from Sodam

Kimchi Fries, $15
French fries topped with cheese and kimchi

This dish is a perfect combination of all flavors—sour, creamy, sweet, savory, etc. The fries are loaded with melted cheese, sautéed kimchi and drizzled with a sour cream-based sauce with a hint of spiciness to it. As simple as it sounds, this dish tastes amazing.

The kimchi kills the greasiness of the fries while the cheese topping reduces the sour taste of the kimchi, making this dish more approachable for those who are not familiar with the unique taste of kimchi. If you’ve never had kimchi before, I would say that the closest western thing to kimchi is sauerkraut. Kimchi is basically fermented cabbage, seasoned with hot pepper flakes, garlic, ginger and salted shrimp paste or fish sauce. 
Kimchi, when sautéed, becomes more sweet and less sour. 

I definitely recommend this dish to those who like fusion dishes. Nothing can possibly go wrong when you combines three delicious ingredients
—fries, kimchi and cheese!

2. Cheesesteak Flatbread from Silence Dogwood’s Tavern

Cheesesteak Flatbread, $14
Flatbread topped with rib eye steak, onions and a whole lot of cheese

When you go to Philly, you have to try its most iconic food: cheesesteak sandwich. Except this time, I tried the cheesesteak flatbread instead because I’ve already had too many of the sandwiches in my previous trips to Philly. 

After eating my first Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich at Tony Luke’s in South Philly, I’ve always been hesitant to order any “Philly Cheesesteak” menu items elsewhere because time and time again, I’ve only been left with regret and disappointment whenever I expected them to taste anything close to the ones made by Tony Luke’s. 

However, thinking that a flatbread might be different, I decided to give it a try and I was glad that I did because it went beyond my expectations. The dough was so chewy and the rib eye steaks were cooked just right so that they weren’t too dry. I also loved that they added Cheese Whiz in addition to the American cheese because it really emphasized the cheesiness of the dish. 

3. Yupgi Katsu from Yupdduk

Yupgi Katsu, $13 (w. cheese topping +$2)
Deep-fried pork cutlet with mozzarella cheese topping

Yupdduk is known to have the spiciest rice cakes ever. “Yupdduk” is short for “Yuppgi Ddeokbokki,” which literally means “Funny Rice Cakes.” It’s named this way because people often laugh at the absurdity of how spicy their food is. 

But besides their rice cakes, Yupdduk is also well-known for their pork cutlets. The same spicy sauce that is used for the rice cake is poured over the cutlets, making the dish very spicy as the hot sauce penetrates the meat. 

That’s when the mozzarella topping comes in handy. Dairy has the tendency to cool down capsaicin and other hot spices so when it comes to eating the Yupgi Katsu, it rescues your tongue and throat from burning (it certainly did for me). The sauce used for Yupgi Katsu does consist of a considerable amount of capsaicin, especially if you choose the highest level of spiciness, so I definitely recommend adding mozzarella cheese if you’re weak with spicy food. 

One downside of this dish is that the cheese becomes hard quite fast so you can’t get a good cheese pull until the end, but it definitely is worth trying if you’re someone who loves spicy food+cheese combo!   

4. Southern Fried Chicken Biscuit Breakfast from Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

Southern Fried Chicken Biscuit Breakfast, (prices vary by location)
Deep-fried chicken tenders and a slice of cheddar cheese stacked in between two biscuits, topped with creamy gravy and more shredded cheddar cheese

Sometimes, you find the best food in the most unexpected neighborhoods. I happened to pass by Perkins Restaurant & Bakery on my way back from Bushkill Falls and did not expect much, figuring that it was just an ordinary diner. 

But I was wrong and this breakfast platter proved that. This dish is the highest-calorie item that’s on the menu that’s worth 1,800 calories—exactly what I needed after a 40-minute hike. 

First of all, I’d like to emphasize that I absolutely love biscuits + chicken tender combo. It’s to the point where one time, I had the KFC Chicken Tender Bucket Meal for my dinner seven days in a row—literally. Now if you tell me that you’ve topped the two with creamy gravy sauce and cheddar cheese, you should be 500% expecting that I’ll order that. 

This dish was so so good that it actually got me to think, “Why does Perkins bother selling anything else?” Seriously. I’d make an excuse to drive all the way here just to devour this thing again.

5. The Cliff Walk from La Forge Restaurant

The Cliff Walk, $14
Beef patty topped with melted cheddar cheese, caramelized bacon strips and BBQ sauce

Let me just tell you that this burger was life-changing for me because it led me to think that bacon in a burger is actually pretty good. Prior to eating The Cliff Walk, I wasn’t so fond of including bacons in my burger because I just felt like they made the burger really salty and not much more. But these caramelized bacons on the burger reduced the saltiness of the bacon strips and rather, they increased the sweetness of the overall taste of the burger.

These salty, sweet bacons combined with the sharp taste of the cheddar and juicy beef patty was perhaps one of the best things I’ve tasted in my life.

TIP: Make sure you get your beef patty cooked medium or medium-rare. The melted cheese does not pierce through a well-done patty as well.

Addresses to the places mentioned in this post:

  • Sodam:  156-50 Northern Blvd. Flushing, NY
  • Silence Dogwood’s Tavern: 216 Market St. Philadelphia, PA 
  • Yupdduk: 157-22 Northern Blvd. Flushing, NY
  • Perkins Restaurant & Bakery: 5163 Milford Rd. East Stroudsburg, PA 
  • La Forge Casino Restaurant: 186 Bellevue Ave. Newport, RI

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    1. I would definitely recommend you try them if you’re in New York! They’re actually quite easy to make at home too 😊 Just buy fries from McDonald’s or anywhere else, sautée kimchi and melt cheese on top. But I believe at the restaurant, they use a torch to melt the cheese so it does taste a bit better.

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      1. I will do that. I think we have some variation of this in Toronto. My Korean students showed me a picture of Kimchee fries…I think. I know that we have Kimchee poutine, so this might be a “thing” now.
        Thanks for following.

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