Dessert Guide 🍩

My favorite type of dessert is ice cream. But today, I’ve come with a list of some more dense desserts that I’ve consumed since the beginning of this year–ones that actually made me think some things just might be better than ice cream. Here are a few of them:

1. Profiterole from The French Workshop

Cream puffs filled with vanilla custard cream, covered in a delightful amount of chocolate ganache

One bite into this and an explosion of sweetness occurs in your mouth, which may possibly be one of the most delightful experiences in your life.

I honestly didn’t expect too much from this because I usually don’t like cream puffs all that much, but just a little heat to warm this dessert did all the trick. The melted chocolate blended with the vanilla custard inside, and the spongy texture of the cream puffs made me think I was actually chewing sugary clouds.

One tip for eating this is to take BIG bites. This really allows you to experience the overall flavor all the better. I personally got too excited and finished the whole thing in just three forkfuls…

2. Lady In Red from Dough Life

Red Velvet Cookie Dough w. Bits of White Chocolate Chips

First of all, an edible cookie dough?! Is this every kid’s dream come true or what? I mean I used to get scolded by my mom every single time we baked cookies together at home because even before putting them in the oven, I couldn’t wait and devoured half of them in their raw, pre-baked form (until I got a stomachache and regretted). But now, I get to perform that mischievous act legally, without getting sick!

I’ve tried three flavors so far–Lady In Red, Peanut Mother Butter and Life of the Party–but among the three, my favorite was the Lady In Red, partly because I love red velvet anything.

This dessert is a good pair for Iced Americano because it does contain a considerable amount of butter; so when it’s about to get greasy, the Iced Americano washes it all down and you can take another spoonful as if it’s your first time digging into it.

I just enjoy the texture of it especially–somewhere in between ice-cream’s creamy and cookie’s crispy. The white chocolate chips are nice additions to the dough.

3. Tiramisu from Amorino

A layer of mascarpone cheese on top of coffee-flavored bread, topped with cocoa powder

Of course, being an ice cream lover, I initially went to Amorino for their tiramisu gelato. But the weather on the day I visited was below ice cream-appropriate level, and so I thought that the best alternative would be to grab the cake version of it.

I wouldn’t say, to be frankly honest, that this was the most outstanding tiramisu I’ve ever had. You can definitely come across better ones at other cafés in New York City. However, it exceeded my expectations for a non-pastry specialized store.

It surely was not the best but it was different–in a good way. The mascarpone cheese was not too overbearing and the cake in general tasted simple, which I actually liked.

Tiramisu, at other places, incorporates so much vanilla extract in its mixture that the espresso flavor sometimes gets lost, but the one at Amorino wasn’t like that. This would’ve been a 10/10 dessert if the bread was a bit more lighter though.

4. Double Chocolate Donut from Dunkin’ (Donuts)

Chocolate on top of more chocolate–perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth craving.

Did Dunkin’ Donuts finally change their name to just Dunkin’? Not sure if that idea actually got pulled through, but if it did, please let me know!

Anyways, back to the main topic for today. Yes, desserts. This double chocolate donut is a Valentine’s edition but it’s pretty much the same thing as their classic chocolate donut with extra chocolate frosting coated on top with pink sprinkles.

I generally prefer filled donuts like Boston Cream, but this was actually good. It seems like their cake donuts changed for the better–they’re more spongy and less dry! Cake donuts are best partnered with warm milk or even milkshakes and soft serves! I ate mine with cookies&cream milkshake.

What other desserts should I try out next? Comment down below 💕.

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