Eating Intestines?!

In my previous post, I’ve put up a recipe for spicy sea snails and called this one of the most exotic dishes in Korea.

Today, I introduce you to another Korean dish that may leave you feeling shook—pig/cow intestines. Yes, believe it or not, Koreans eat everything besides the meat; we eat intestines and the skin as well.

Now I know some of you guys might be like, “I can’t read this post any longer. It’s not making me feel so good.” I feel you, because that was my initial reaction to this dish when I first went to a restaurant that sells them.

But, being a food blogger, I couldn’t reject any food just by judging it by its looks and description. So I mustered up courage and tried my first bite. It was seriously one of the best things ever.

Called “gopchang” in Korean, these intestines have similar taste to samgyupsal, which is pork belly meat. If you’re familiar with Korean BBQ, you know how good samgyupsal is. The only differences between the two are that they come from different parts of a pig/cow, and gopchang is just chewier.

When you bite into gopchang, the oil inside squirts in your mouth—combine this with spicy chives or kimchi that’s served on the side, and you’ll immediately get hooked.

Gopchang Gui

Once you’re done devouring all the gopchang, most restaurants will give you the option to have fried rice. I say that restaurants do a favor for their customers and make this a requirement, not a choice. Fried rice made with any oil is good, but using natural oil from the gopchang is a game changer for sure.

Fried Rice with Eggs and Cheese

Of course, I went the extra step and added cheese to my fried rice—more fat, the better, right? Besides, the fried rice is mixed with spicy pepper paste, and everyone knows that cheese is a good pair for anything spicy.

But seriously, YOLO! Don’t be afraid at attempting this delicacy. They’re not as awful as they may look.

Check out my foodieventure at Gopchang Story!

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